Globalization is not just a fancy word; it is a new fountain of youth for companies all over the globe. Businesses like JP Morgan, Citibank, AT&T, Expedia and US Airways are quickly sipping the rejuvenating waters of a new found work force found abroad, and they are saving thousands of dollars annually.

Presently, the local work Generation comes hand in hand with a flashy resume and a long list of demands which does not always suit the belt-tightening budgets of today’s reality. While you might have great workers at your establishment, their sense of entitlement overshadows their ability to work as hard as you would like.

The secret and solution is if you have expansion needs or need to implement budget cut backs or layoffs, there is an option to maintain the reliability of your service by replacing that role with someone overseas who can accomplish the job with a much lower cost of living.

The mythical fountain of youth is not a myth at all. It is found in people like Gemma; a 33 year-old Filipino woman that grew up idolizing Rachel on Friends, cheered when Yao Ming towered among the crowds for the Houston Rockets, and bought every Madonna CD and .mp3 known to man. Gemma may not have been born under the red, the white and the blue, but she grew up with American pop culture, current events, became fluent in English by the age of 8, among other languages, and could use a scientific calculator in her sleep. By giving her a job, company revenue is increased, and she receives medical funding for her and her family and a raise in salary, equivalent to twice what she was being paid in the Philippines. Happy and healthy employees create beneficial atmospheres which are needed for a thriving business.


To be blunt, it is time to start thinking on a global scale. By hiring outside of the United States, your company can save more than $45,000 a year with just one off shore posting. The benefits of globalizing your work force include saving money on not having to provide Obama Care, payroll taxes, which is not mandatory for an overseas employee and their work ethic and dedication is honorable and more efficient. Workers like Gemma are loyal, take up no physical office space, and are always on time to work. The only difference is you can actually see them working away and their smiling face on a dedicated monitor which in reality makes them closer then the employee down the hall.

With offices reaching from Europe to the Philippines, our sister company will recruit enthusiastic, easygoing, hardworking and intelligent individuals who can be paid by GP Reciprocal allowing you to use your credit card points effectively eliminating the entire salary you are paying now.

In the end, your fountain of youth of savings can help fund a new start-up business for family (and create a job opportunity),put your kid through Notre Dame, or fund any number of marketing efforts.